it is not the end of the world

06august2010: ☉ in ♌: ☾ in ♊

i am become death, destroyer of worlds.” suvivor archive of human’s first use of atomic bombs at hiroshima and nagasaki.

friday morning music…so much old stuff that i have been wading through…big star has been on the deck all week thanks to discovering beth orton and sam amidon’s cover of ‘thirteen’, then there was the elliot smith cover of the same, and a rip of the big star #1 album vinyl from which it came…it will be a year since his death next week. corin tucker’s ‘riley‘ was on repeat, but today’s tune is brought to you by jens lekman, ‘the end of the world is bigger than love ‘. (via kickin the peanuts)

uh-oh wikileaks has pissed daddy dod off…give me back my email! (via boingage)

arcade fire unstaged: ‘now i’m ready to start‘.

target is funneling money to anti-gay and socially conservative candidates…who would have thunk with all that red in their logo?

you know that familiar song calls to me

02august2010: ☉ in ♌: ☾ in ♉

the transcendent city…”questions whether the conception of artificial intelligence has been a necessity in human evolution and if we therefore should embrace emergent technologies to engage with problems of sustainability and the city.”

building the universal translator…when can you beam me up outta this warzone world scotty? (h/t 2 io9)

new corin tucker ‘riley‘ on repeat…”i tried to leave but…” i remember the final sk show @ the crystal ballroomone of my top 5 shows. (via pitchfork)