who holds the key to wind up big ben

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a low(er)-cost alternative to apple’s ipad, hack the nook color.

new florence +the machine single, ‘what the water gave me‘…recorded in abbey road 3.

sleep ∞ over (from da atx) have a long player coming out, here is the first single ‘romantic streams‘ (and a remix of the same by balam acab).

new girls ‘honey bunny‘ off their upcoming father, son, holy ghost.

like coilhouse, mondo 2000 was a magazine that pushed the edge, boing boing was right there too. (h/t 2 da boing)

goldman sachs now owns us and has government officials do its ugly bidding. shame.

poor mittens, so rich, so awkward, so clueless, but at the least, unlike ron paul he’s not a strict creationist.

we’re poor and ignored until we pick up a gun

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O.O new garbage, haz a listen. (h/t 2 idolator)

pretty new tunes of heartbreak from the horror’s side show, cat’s eyes.

hmm. the o-man is trying to get a free ride for the banks? where there’s smoke there’s fire.

william gibson interviewed in sci amer. about cities. (h/t da boing)

next to the addams family, the munsters were two of my favs as a kido.