it’s a crime to be broke in america

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libraries are adapting to the digital landscape, usually as first adopters; you should go check out a book, in any format of your choosing. (h/t 2 austin coppock)

hillz country – makin’ tejas a blue state. that is all.

gardeners are warriors and peace is the only victory.”

the future will be shiny … if we shine a light, instead of dim our bulbs for the managerial class (war) takeover via austerity. (h/t 2 bucky fuller institute)

“how long can we keep holding on?” new how to destroy angels ‘how long’.

my bloody valentine return.

black is still the old and new black. anarchism, the insane idea we can all get along without daddy warbucks giving us directions. help some sistahs and brothers out. (h/t to da boing)

camilla d’errico’s art comes to live in this new game for her comic series sky pirates of neo terra.

good to see we are beginning to look into alternates to the systems, that while serving us for generations, are not the only options to have been used, are not the only ones in the options box. (h/t 2 jezebel)

let’s try spending our money on things that aren’t fiscal black holes and create the perception we are still a feudal power searching for an empire.

“because a public defender/can’t remember the last time/that a brother wasn’t treated like an animal.”  support passage of aaron’s law and end the abuse of power towards coders.

malala yousafzai’s voice is heard again. praise be she of the twin serpents.

get your red-hot freedom here, until you can’t, that is.

amoeba. vinyl. for the future. could we get a creative commons for all of humanity?

just to feel my heart for a second

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oh the inanity of this punk…god speed v. beck…a muslim caliphate. oh noez!

wikileaks up for a nobel. good on them.

monsanto manages usda to allow the 4th largest us crop to go gmo w/ no restrictions.

shame shame shame.

micachu and the shapes new song ‘everything‘ from her upcoming chopped and screwed.

i wish i could believe what they taught me

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dirty little secrets…the truth will out.

hacking the ps3 because stupid sony took out the other os support. (h/t 2 kotaku)

ms. lauryn hill struggling through an early intimate gig in her new tour…‘only eyes for you” + ‘zealots (fugees)’.

my theme for the holiday season…ever year from now till it ends. ‘war is over if you want it’.

devil in a new dress. excellent vid for a kanye slowjam…”i need some consumation”