but he’ll never be a rasta

miss jaden honeydripper davis and her man who calls himself dan…iel are getting united. here is the hour or so set she asked me to put together. not what i had planned, but necessity, in the form of time, being all that.

good vibrations – beach boys: smile
my love – the bird and the bee: ray guns are not just the future
oscillate wildly – the smiths: louder than bombs
sugarfoot – black joe lewis & the honeybees: tell ’em what your name is!
everlasting light – the black keys: brothers
real thing (music is everything) – erykah badu & madlib
pursuit of happiness (ft. mgmt & ratatat) – kid kudi: man on the moon
i got you dancing (medasyn dub remix) – lady soverign
little bit (gilgamesh remix) – lykke li
i melt with you – modern english: i melt with you
love that girl – raphael saadiq: daytrotter session
paradise circus – massive attack: heligoland
big time sensuality – bjork: debut
young folks (ft. victoria bergsman) – peter, bjorn and john: writer’s block
i wanna be where you are (w/ erykah badu) – the roots: fallon #75
samba tranquille – thievery corporation: the mirror conspiracy
out with the new in with the true – antibalas afrobeat orchestra: government magic
shadrach – beastie boys: paul’s boutique

merry yule/hfny 2011

☉ in ♐: ☽ in ♌

merry winter solstice and happy fucking new year, a mixtape tradition dating back to the eighties when hairthere started it.
all this dropped this year (or early next), some have won accolades, others is local music for local people…all for your aural pleasure.

bizness – tUnE-yArDs: w h o k i l l
at night – the black angels: phosgene nightmare
parted ways – heartless bastards: arrow
romance – wild flag: wild flag
immigrant song (led zeppelin) – karen o & trent reznor: ost the girl with the dragon tattoo
chinese high (nguzunguzu remix) – gang gang dance: eye contact
amor fati – washed out: within and without
surgeon – st. vincent: strange mercy
eleven (ft. merrill garbus) – thao & mirah: thao & mirah
you know what i mean – cults: cults
oh, why – balam acab: wander/wonder
romantic streams – sleep ∞ over: forever
touch – holy other: with u
video games – lana del rey: video games
the lion’s roar – first aid kit: the lion’s roar
which side are you on (florence reece) – ani difranco: which side are you on
the words that maketh murder – pj harvey: let england shake
bad ass me – tom waits: bad as me
wild poppies – the mast: wild poppies

change in my pocket wasn’t enough

so here it is another turn of the wheel finished. what a year. so much good music. so many good shows. hope yours was as good…haz some tunes…d.j. HehL.V.X. says merry yuletide 2010 and happy fuckin’ new year 2011.

The Suburbs (continued) [Christian TV Remix] – Arcade Fire: The Suburbs
Brutal Hearts (Ft Coeur de Pirate) – Bedouin Soundclash
Go Outside – Cults: Cults
Det gör ingenting – Drivan: Disko (not sure if i have it mislabeled it could be Kämpa)
Window Seat – Erykah Badu: New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh
Fuck You – Cee Lo Green: Lady Killer
Me And The Devil – Gil Scott-Heron: I’m New Here
Pursuit Of Happiness (Kid Cudi) – Lissie
Heavy Storm – First Aid Kit: The Big Black And The Blue
Apply – Glasser: Ring
Slippery Slope – The Dø: Dust It Off
Get Some – Lykke Li: Get Some
Tell ‘Em (Kingdom Remix) – Sleigh Bells: Tell ‘Em
Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go! – Trentemøller: Into the Great Wide Yonder
The Game Has Changed – Daft Punk: Tron Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Sinister Kid – The Black Keys: Brothers
Boy – Ra Ra Riot: The Orchard
Bloodbuzz Ohio – The National: High Violet
Undertow – Warpaint: The Fool
Marathon – Tennis: Cape Dory

if i had a voice i would sing

26october2010: ☉ in ♏: ☾ in ♊

i voted. will you…let us become a nation of fascists? (h/t 2 technocult)

the attack of the koch-topus on olberman’s countdown.

stereogum liked teen inc.‘s performance @ cmj this weekend, here is ‘fountains‘ for a taste.

!!! (chk chk chk)‘s ‘jamie, my intentions are bass‘ (h/t 2 Eminor)

zombies of the world unite and take over.

gorilla vs. bear halloween samhain mix tape.

from: arundhati roy. re: possible sedition charges.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.”


autumn has arrived and here is an autumnal mix for your listening pleasure.

but a poem first:

persephone by eavan boland

The only legend I have ever loved is
the story of a daughter lost in hell.
And found and rescued there.
Love and blackmail are the gist of it.
Ceres and Persephone the names.
And the best thing about the legend is
I can enter it anywhere.  And have.
As a child in exile in
a city of fogs and strange consonants,
I read it first and at first I was
an exiled child in the crackling dusk of
the underworld, the stars blighted.  Later
I walked out in a summer twilight
searching for my daughter at bed-time.
When she came running I was ready
to make any bargain to keep her.
I carried her back past whitebeams
and wasps and honey-scented buddleias.
But I was Ceres then and I knew
winter was in store for every leaf
on every tree on that road.
Was inescapable for each one we passed.
And for me.
It is winter
and the stars are hidden.
I climb the stairs and stand where I can see
my child asleep beside her teen magazines,
her can of Coke, her plate of uncut fruit.
The pomegranate!  How did I forget it?
She could have come home and been safe
and ended the story and all
our heart-broken searching but she reached
out a hand and plucked a pomegranate.
She put out her hand and pulled down
the French sound for apple and
the noise of stone and the proof
that even in the place of death,
at the heart of legend, in the midst
of rocks full of unshed tears
ready to be diamonds by the time
the story was told, a child can be
hungry.  I could warn her.  There is still a chance.
The rain is cold.  The road is flint-coloured.
The suburb has cars and cable television.
The veiled stars are above ground.
It is another world.  But what else
can a mother give her daughter but such
beautiful rifts in time?
If I defer the grief I will diminish the gift.
The legend will be hers as well as mine.
She will enter it.  As I have.
She will wake up.  She will hold
the papery flushed skin in her hand.
And to her lips.  I will say nothing.

now the mix:

Pomegranate: Autumn Equinox 2010

Ashes to Ashes – Warpaint: Ashes to Ashes
Stay (just a little bit more) – The Dø: A Mouthful
Veronica Sawyer – Summer Camp: Young
Daughters of Darkness – Arab Strap: Scenes Of A Sexual Nature
Coda – The Dø: A Mouthful
The Sun Ain’t Shining No More – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Around the Bend
Tightrope (ft. Big Boi) – Janelle Monáe: The ArchAndrroid
Fuck You – CeeLo Green: Fuck You
Tighten Up – The Black Keys: Brothers
Doubt – Corin Tucker
Sun Hands – Local Natives: Gorilla Manor
You Won’t Let Me Down Again – Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan: Hawk
Love Fade – Tamaryn: The Waves
Cold War – Janelle Mónae: The ArchAndroid
Most Wanted – Cults: Cults
Yr Love – Holy Other: We Over
Kämpa – Drivan: Disko
Ready for the World – How to Dress Well: Love You Down
Thirteen – Big Star: #1 Record
Englar og dárar – Ólöf Arnalds: Við og Við
Undertow – Warpaint: The Fool

Ø: O with a slash

Ø: O with a slash
or Seeking the lion’s heart in the dog days of summer

An attempt (for triple j) to use Gabriel Roth’s 5 rhythms structure with Kim Hiorthøy’s My Last Day, with help from RJD2, the Dø, Beastie Boys, and Kim Hiorthøy’s new band Drivan.

F Here & Now (4:21) RJD2: Magnificent City
F Skuggan (9:43) Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day
F Den Lang Berattelsen Om Stov Och Vatten (3:32) Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day
S Goodbye to Song (3:05) Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day
S Album (5:11) Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day
S A Beautiful Mine (5:29) RJD2: Magnificent City Instrumentals
S I Thought We Could Eat Friends (3:52) Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day
C Coda (1:58) The Dø: A Mouthful
C Playground Hustle And Bustle (11:20) The Dø: A Mouthful
C Alt Gar Sa Langsmont (4:32) Kim Hiorthøy:  My Last Day
L Hon Car Otydling Som En Gas (1:11) Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day
L Namaste (3:59) Beastie Boys: The In Sound From Way Out
L Kämpa (5:54) Drivan: Disko
Q Wind of Failure (4:02) Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day
Q Beats Mistake (4:15) Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day
Q Same Old Shit (2:43) Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day
Q I’m This I’m That (2:57) Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day

dj HeHL.V.X. 02september2010: ATX

goin’ out west to the best coast…

the sun is about to head back toward the sleepy side of town, as i wing my way towards the pacific northwest and take that sacred vacation to visit my hija extraordinaire and spin some in old haunts on the westside: olympia, portland, and astoria. watching akira on the plane and in the airport on my way there and here – yeah iphone. ending the week with a trip to bagby hot springs on the slopes of mt. hood where she and me wanderd back in the misdst of a forest fire some four years ago, delirious from hot hot water, no breakfast, and a lack of coffee…bluto…popeye…bluto…popeye. fish n chips at the bowpicker, and then putting my toes in the cold cold pacific to wash away the work of the sun’s seasons of growing and waning these last three years. old school pizza in oly after pallas’ graduation from middle school on the solstice… i arrive on saturday to skating at skateland with my iphone playing some sweet music i just synced…hoping to get a new one when they drop later next week.  speaking of music, here is the summer solstice mix…much of which didn’t end up on my iphone…ah well i can crank it up while i wander up and down the five.

sunshine superman heading for the horizon: summer solstice 2010

silver surfer, ghost rider go! – trentmøeller: into the great wide yonder
heart of stone (ravonettes) – dum dum girls:
outer limits – sleep ∞ over: outer limits 7”
smoke & mirrors – rjd2: deadringer
window seat – erykah badu:  new amerikah pt 2: return of the ankh
bad romance (lady gaga) – lissie:
found love in a graveyard – veronica falls: veronica falls
something good can work – two door cinema: demos
pursuit of happiness (ft. mgmt & ratatat) – kid cudi: man on the moon: end of the day
tightrope (ft. big boi) – janelle monae: the archandroid: the metropolis suites ii & iii
bang bang bang (ft. q-tip & mndr) – mark ronson: bang bang bang
tell ‘em (rodway remix) – sleigh bells: treats
born free (high contrast remix) – m.i.a.: maya
bloodbuzz ohio – the national: high violet
enter telephone (djs from mars club remix) – lady gaga: the fame monster
drugs – ratatat: lp4
opposite of adults (kids) – chiddy bang: the swelly express
into the trees (serenetti pt. 3) – trentmøeller: the last resort


some tunes from h.e.a.d for hedonism in the heart of tejas…speak friend and enter – mellon

I Got You Dancing (Medasyn Dub Remix) – Lady Soverign: I Got You Dancing

Versions (Test Remix)Patten: Test Remixes

No Reasons – VEGA: Well Known Pleasures

Lose You – Peaches: I Feel Cream

Slipstream (Feat. Jason Lytle) – The Crystal Method: Divided By Night

We Are Electric (Hot Chip Remix) – Fischerspooner: We Are Electric

Whizkid (Larry Fives Whiz Bang Pop Mix) – Style of Eye: Whizkid

The More That I Do – The Field: Yesterday & Today

Two Week (Fred Falke Remix) – Grizzly Bear: Two Week

Roots (Ron Hardy Re-Edit) – Talking Heads: Ron Hardy Re-Edits

Hang You From The Heavens – The Dead Weather: Hang You From The Heavens

Laydown – Chikita Violenta: The Stars & Suns Sessions

Sex On Fire – Kings Of Leon: Only By The Night

Your Voice – Santigold: Santogold

Laughing With – Regina Spektor: Far

enjoy the sunshine

dj HeHL.V.X.

a special treat that wouldn’t fit on the disc…

Tallymarks (feat. Thao) – Portland Cello Project: The Thao and Justin Power Show


Merry Yuletide 2008 – Happy Fucking New Year 2009
my mix for the year’s end…some you have heard before…some not so much…enjoy…love

Air France – Collapsing at Your Doorstep: No Way Down

Paavoharju – Kevatrumpu: Laulu Laakson Kukista

Burial – Archangel (Phaseone Remix)

Radiohead – Reckoner (Teengirl Fantasy Bathtub Mix): Reckoner v2.0

Portishead- Machine Gun: Third

The Ravonettes – Lust (Trentmoeller Remix): The Ravonettes Remixed

Lykke Li – Little Bit (Aether Remix): Little Bit

Alias – Crosswalks: Reasurgram

David Byrne and Brian Eno – Strange Overtunes: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Mountain Goats w/ Kaki King – Thank You Mario But Our Princess is in Another Castle: Black Pear Tree

Eryka Badu w/ Madlib – Real Thing (Music is Everything)

Architecture in Helsinki – That Beep (Radioclit’s French Mix feat. Marina): That Beep

The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit) – Get It Up: The Very Best Mixtape

Gang Gang Dance – House Jam (XXXchange Remix): Saint Dymphna

Vampire Weekend – A-Punk: Vampire Weekend

Vivian Girls – Where Do You Run To: Vivian Girls

Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper: Midnight Organ Fight

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Dig Lazarus Dig: Dig Lazarus Dig