water that’s what i am getting at

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Better computing through L.V.X. Light in Extension.

kenneth anger does missoni f/w 10-11…”fashion, turn to the left.” (h/t 2 arthur)

edward gorey and gene rodenberry in tribbleland. (h/t 2 coilhouse)

xeni appeared on rachel maddow‘s show discussing the leakage from wikileaks. go boingers!

now that is a haitian president i could get behind. fugee-la!

finishing this movie last night left me thinking of the vinegar tasters and ‘kiss with a fist‘ by florence + the machine. i love the sustained mention of findhorn “I keep thinking we need a new language, a language of the heart languages of the polish forest where language wasn’t needed, some kind of new language between people…the poetry of the dancing bee that tells us where the honey is. In order to learn how to create that language you’re going to have to learn how to go through the looking glass to another kind of perception where you have a sense of being united to all things and suddenly you understand everything.” – Andre Gregory from My Dinner with Andre

terry gilliam to direct arcade fire unstaged – live webcast concert from madison square on 05aug @ af’s vevo channel. gilliam ftw!

water, that’s what i am getting at. water. … seven tenths of this earth’s surface is water. … seventy percent of you is water.” too bad y’all all gonna be thirsty and fightin’ over it soon sayeth the nrdc, et. al.

midnight from mars

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from the basementthe dead weather…for jaden

uh huh huh…yeah yeah

ghibli! new trailer for borrowers arrietty (thanks twitch and aicn)

and since i wouldn’t want anyone to think i was a tease…here is natasha covering big star‘s kangaroo (thanks capn’ obvious)

so the glitter vampire soundtrack is out…and although i love bat for lashes… giving props to any scientologist – not so much (although i did see his odelay tour in the emerald city)…so instead of their colab (which is pretty thumpalicious), here is florence + the machine‘s track from the same, heavy in your arms (via thieves by tuesday)…her first album (on vinyl) i am so in love with.

whores! our government is broken from too much influence of lobbyist money. conflict of interest and ethics violations should go hand in hand.

mars attacks! erwtenpeller has created a brilliant dubstep version of the 1978 version of war of the worlds…not the original radio theater presentation with orson welles, but still, is pretty sweet (h/t 2 boingboing).