making love with his ego

18january2011: ☉ in ♑: ☽ in ♋

lovecraft: fear of the unknown. (h/t 2 metaf)

what if i took my problem to the united nations…new pj video.

do you recognize this voice, these players? unknown song makes it into soundtrack.

funniest bit on snl in ages. pee wee herman brings it.

there’s a strange one in the jungle

20october2010: ☉ in ♎: ☽ in ♂

stream warpaint’s new album, the fool, till the 26th (h/t 2 pma)

cults do daytrotter.

can you say conflict of interest?

“Simply put, the Tea Parties are not going away after the mid-term elections, and they can be expected to have a continuing impact on public policy debate into the future.” wake up to the hate

shore is gettin ugly out there, and ain’t nobody calling foul…just saying foul things.

tsk tsk dirty tea party tricks, that’s the way to democracy…polling place intimidation.

j.f. sebastian’s chess set recreated from hd scans of blade runner.

oOoOo – brothers quay doing a docu in mütter museum, physicians college, pa.

feds acknowledge in ny court that you can in fact take pictures of federal buildings…duh! (h/t 2 boing²)

atlas air‘, the first video from new massive attack ep, war child.